you know I’m bad your air conditioners put out and black mold black mold and so deadly in makes everybody sick we all need to start painting more attention in this unless start cleaning are air in around homes with spin any percent of our time in our home with the love ones and then children in our friends what if everyone gets sick what I should get steak for a people’s passing away for good just so it’s all good I’m coming together sure pain attention and let start cleaning their hair handlers push movie light in there put half of filters in there list clean this air that we breathe and we sleep in only enjoy your family in our friends with you no the restaurants are really dirty to buy won’t go there that I be my next post think you and I hope we all listens. Getting you the lights heifer filters cleaner coils he regular maintenance on her air conditioner is there all at around homes in really need it before to talk to you guys later

Hi I’m Jayson I’m a single dad with a little girl by myself very hard to make money and be here to do all of this by myself but for my little girl I will do anything to help us have a good life I hope this will work for me to make it for us

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